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Research and development collaboration with Statkraft

To secure a sustainable future for the renewable energy sector and stay updated on the latest knowledge, Statkraft is constantly considering collaborations with new and current research partners.

What do we collaborate on? 

Research and development, is an essential part of realising Statkraft’s strategy, and we are committed to making knowledge-based decisions as we grow towards 2030. To achieve this, we would like to collaborate on projects related to our strategic pillars:

Statkraft’s strategy builds on four strategic pillars:

1. Provide clean flexibility– leveraging hydropower

We will optimise and expand our unique hydropower portfolio. In Norway, we will increase reinvestments in our existing plants to prolong their lifetime and increase efficiency. We will also develop new capacity additions and our target is to invest in at least five new, large projects by 2030. Outside of Norway, we will continue to maximise the long-term value of our existing assets, as well as selectively expand our portfolio.

2. Accelerate solar, onshore and offshore wind, and battery storage

We will accelerate our growth in solar, onshore wind, and battery storage in our existing markets, reaching an annual development rate of 4 GW by 2030. Going forward, we aim to keep more ownership of wind and solar assets in Europe, as well as deliver competitive operations and maintenance at scale for our assets. Within offshore wind, Statkraft is pursuing an industrial role in the North Sea and Ireland.

3. Deliver green market solutions to customers

We will grow and strengthen our market activities serving customers needs across the value chain and maximise the value of our own and customers portfolios through energy and asset management. We aim to continue our growth in origination, significantly increasing the volumes in upstream PPAs and structured green energy supplies, and in proprietary trading. This will strengthen our role as a top-tier provider of market solutions, which is also a competitive advantage for our asset-based business.

4. Scale new green energy technologies

We will develop and scale new green energy technologies. These technologies will all play an important role in a net-zero future. We aim to become a leading developer of green hydrogen, biofuel, EV charging, district heating, and other green technologies, either alone or by partnering with others. Building positions in these technologies will enable us to take part in the expected growth and build new value-creating businesses over time.

How do you reach about a potential collaboration?

  • We are open to receiving proposals from Norway and other relevant geographies. 
  • Get us involved as soon as possible, so we can be part of the shaping process. 
  • Contact us at least 6 weeks before the deadline of the Norwegian Research Council, or the deadline of other relevant research funding institution. 
  • Send your proposal to:  

For questions, please contact:

Marit Ronæss
VP Group Research & Development

Read about some of our research collaborations